The dance offers salutation to the wealthiest goddess in our mythology, in her 8 glorious forms of wealth: the splendid goddess of money- Dhana Laxmi, the rice rich – Dhaanya Laxmi, mother of all fertility – Santhana Laxmi, bringer of luck – the Bhagya Laxmi, the goddess of victory – Vijayalaxmi, the Gaja Laxmi who is entertained by the songs of elephants in rut, the knowledge giver- Vidya Laxmi and the very proud and valiant Veera Laxmi.

This bejewelled goddess sits on a dew drenched 1000 petal lotus with a golden pot overflowing with grain and gold. Attributed with beauty, sacredness, happiness and power, she is the strength of the cosmic king – Vishnu, whose eyes holds promise of contentment and fulfilment to those who adore her.

Using Bharatnatyam influences in contemporary formations, the composition unwraps the eight fold creation on the most popular goddess of the Hindu pantheon – Laxmi.



Choreographer – Mayuri Upadhya
Genre – Mythological
Music- Bhimsen Joshi
Costume- Anshu & Jason (Small Shop)
Scale- 8-12