Ya Devi sarvabhutayshu shakti-rupena samstita
Namastase namastase namastase namo namah

Flames for hair, hue of night, She appears naked..
Adorning heads of massacred demons,
Blood dripping from her tongue..sitting on pile of corpse.

Kali , perhaps the most dramatic form of Devi ever known to mankind. Described in puranas -as kalaratri who appears on the final night of battle at kurukshetra, in Devi mahatmya as Chandi born to kill demons and in tantras as Chinna mastika drinking blood spurting from her own neck to nourish herself.

Our scriptures say gods abandon the land where women are not respected. Kali marks this rise of devi worship in India. From buddhist hindu jain to tantric traditions she exists in various names and haunting avatars.


Kali when interpreted as an idea represents nature, the deepest recesses of the unconsciousness that is wild, untamed and raw within each of us. It explores our primal survival instincts of power, sex and violence.

The dance feeds oral stories and strong imagery to emotionally charge the bodies of performers. Their darkest deepest fears are usurped to challenge human limitations and assumptions. The mind is made to charge the body with electrifying bursts of energy to understand the point of source trapped within each. Its movement has origins in rich tribal forms, folk sculptures, classical rhythm patterns and self vocabulary.

The work aims to draw an appreciation in the conflict between the wild and the tame. It creates a space of riotous dance which is to be experienced more than watched for both participant and the onlooker.



Choreographer – Mayuri Upadhya
Genre – Mythological
Music- Prem Joshua
Costume- Ron Dutta
Commissioned by: Mysore Maharaja Srikantadatta Wadiyar
Scale- 8-14