A popular goddess in Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi is the wife and strength of God Vishnu. But that is not her sole identity. She is the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Her name means knowledge of goal, and her four arms are symbolic of dharma, artha, karma, and moksha. As she sits on a lotus flower, we are reminded that beauty and purity bloom irrespective of the surroundings, much like the flower lotus. And this piece, is a salutation to Goddess Lakshmi and her eight secondary manifestations – ashta Lakshmi.


With Bharatanatyam influences in contemporary formations, Lakshmi is our tribute to the strength, sacredness, beauty and power of the goddess.



Choreographer – Mayuri Upadhya
Genre – Mythological
Music- Bhimsen Joshi
Costume- Anshu & Jason (Small Shop)
Scale- 8-12