The ancient art form of India, yoga where one finds the ultimate expression to life, where the body, mind and spirit is in absolute harmony, yoga is a way of life. Yoga signifies four things: Y for Yukti [reasoning], O for Om [primordial sacred sound] G for gnyan [wisdom] and A for Agni [fire or power].

This piece explores the striking belief of the energy of yin and yang through the practice of asanas. The meditative context and experience of the piece is brought out by the chanting of the yoga sutras and is captured by more than 70 stunning physical postures, the magnificence and intricacy of each yoga asana being revealed. Its compositional value brings in the strength of hatha yoga, the flow of ashtanga vinyasa and the sensational modern acro yoga.


The ultimate truth of yoga is to become one with the universal consciousness. Similarly, each asana offered, vibrates the mystical language of union through our conscious breath. The piece exposes the learnings of yoga and how it transforms an individual to become more in unison with ones self, allowing the body, mind and soul to be eternally balanced.



Choreographer- Madhuri Upadhya
Genre- Yoga
Music- James Asher & Jason Gaves
Costume- Anshu & Jason (Small Shop)
Scale- 8-20