In a journey that started over 13 years ago, she has worked in the arts and culture sector donning various hats of project management, partner development, research, and programming; sometimes all in one time. From folk festivals, dance seasons and music curation, to researching and writing about jazz and blues, and public diplomacy, she has had a vibrant and diverse experience.

Right after her MBA in marketing, Neiha started working in a highly competitive sales environment with The Times of India, which made her realize that there is more to life than just selling ad space. She shifted her focus to working with arts and culture. Her work with the British Council India, Jaipur Virasat Foundation, and most recently with Total Environment, has evolved her into an established arts manager today who is adept at conceptualizing and building multi-dimensional collaborative projects.



As Nritarutya’s Creative Producer, Neiha steers the organization’s projects, initiatives, and strategic vision. Working closely with the Artistic Director, Mayuri Upadhya, she puts the creative vision at the center of her work, forming collaborations and partnerships to help realize those visions. She is also a Future Leaders Fellow 2018 of Australia Council.

Neiha is passionate about the preservation and promotion of intangible heritage in India, while her particular interest lies in arts programming and in helping build networks using culture as a connector. As an arts manager, Neiha’s approach to any project lies in addressing the core aspects of audience conditioning, artist engagement, partner development, and arts appreciation.


Credits: Photographer – Shashank Ramesh