We think of breath as a part of life but Eastern Philosophy dictates both as one and has the same word for it- Atma, this piece explores the idea of breath moving through different forms of dance. Silent, rhythmic, foot-tapping and physical, ‘chakra’ is a story on the cycle of life.

The breath is used almost as an atmospheric wormhole connecting the beginning of the piece to the end. Chakra uses the physicality of Indian dance and then dissects and deconstructs this language, in quite the eccentric fashion from the common norm, putting this piece in a space that is unparalleled.


The piece exposes the strength and versatility of the Indian body, giving the viewer a pleasant bewilderment. It is unpredictable, grounded, acrobatic and one of its kind. exploring stillness in movement, very similar to the immense karmic energy of a chakra ‘what goes around comes around’



Choreographer – Sathya B.G
Genre – Athletic
Music- Guem, Sarvar Sabri, Pete Lockett
Costume- Ashwin Kumar
Scale- 8-12