An ancient indian folk art form Chittara, are traditional geometrical motifs and designs made on the floor and walls of Indian household. These drawings, usually found adorning the South kanara villages of Karnataka are passed on from generations using indigenous methods. Designs are influenced by their daily life occasions like, marriages, chariot festivals, birds, movements of animals, yogic asanas to tribal figures celebrating life.

Our adaptation of the art is an auspicious, warm and pleasantly inviting piece that brings back the early morning memories of south indian ladies listening to ‘subharabatham’ and creating these motifs with rice paste, powdered gurige flower and red soil.


The patterns of chittara are inspired by the movements of the dancers who mould themselves into various unions/synergies. The piece involves technology to suit the modern eye, and captures magical patterns on the floor leaving the viewer in awe of this kaleidoscopic piece.



Choreographer – Madhuri Upadhya
Genre – Design + Technology
Music- Rzhude David
Costume- Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla
Scale- 8-16