I Seek You

I Seek You



I seek you

Aware in my subconscious

Seek and Strive

Striving to Seek

Outrage processions, religious processions, peace keeping walks, festive carnivals, or funeral processions, everything is bound by a unanimous choice – that of celebrating, or surrendering, or mourning or seeking. But no matter the intention, the emotions become unleashed and the feeling grows…like being possessed by an idea, or surrendering to one thought. And this inspired our new work I Seek You.

I Seek You is about the undiluted emotion of love, and of ultimate surrender. The bodies of dancers are overcome in trance, and their reaction to the air around is instinctual. Bodies moving around with lethal speed, they rid themselves of physical inhibitions. The performers seek to surrender. Stills of arms leading the dancers, shoulders and hips drawn to the earth, yet frenzied attempts to push themselves upwards… unguided by conscious thoughts, yet always searching, always hopeful.



Choreographer – Vishwakiran Nambi
Genre – Spiritual
Music- Ajay – Atul
Costume- Ashwin Kumar
Scale- 3-5