In many epics around the world, it seems like it teaches us about the great wars between good and evil; however, it is not the war that we remember. We remember the sacrifices. We remember the heartache in every story and in every epic.

Forgo is one such story of sacrifice, the story of serving mother earth, and the story of ancient India. A strong, thrilling, chapter by chapter, vivid interpretation on the history of the river Kaveri, which flows through Kodagu in Karnataka into Tamil Nadu and across the southern deccan plateau, emptying into the Bay of Bengal. Bringing together the co-existence of parallel stories, the strong physicality of the dancers, and convergence of many mystical episodes into one, Forgo re-interprets and weaves the imaginative world into dance.

The dancers turn the space and your thoughts into an ancient Indian world, where the unbelievable is believed and rationality turns into magic.



Choreographer – Madhuri Upadhya
Genre – Historical
Music- Various Artists
Costume- Anshu & Jason (Small Shop)
Scale- 8-20