In our world, men are said to be the functional ones, the physically strong ones, and everything in between. But how does a man cope with all the nuances of life, with expectations from him, with his own standards and targets? Portrayed as being from mars, while women are from venus, the two seem completely opposite of each other. But are they?


Going deep within the recesses of human psychology, Mars explores the multiple dimensions of a man. Bringing to light the male energy, the confidence, the suppressed emotions and the hidden child inside a man, this piece is rich with contemporary technique.

Societal norms and psychological conditioning are brought to play, highlighting the various levels that exist in the worldly representation of a man.



Choreographer – Sathya BG
Genre – Acrobatic
Music- Darbuka Siva
Costume- Madhuri Upadhya
Property- Shridhar Murthy
Scale- 4-5