Mythical or legendary – the subject of mermaids has always fascinated us. A popular folklore across regions and cultures like Europe, Africa and Asia, mermaids are sometimes associated with perilous circumstances and sometimes with love and benevolence. We are drawn to their existence and their underwater world.

Kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya, the six classifications in vedic philosophy or ‘arishadvarga’ are visualised through ‘Matsyaangna’ which means ‘mermaid’ (in kannada dialect). An eclectic choreography that dwells deeply in the mockery of the human race.


The spineless, floaty movement of fish in an aquarium is what breathed life into this piece.The dancers are made to step into the the unreal, magical and sometimes dark world of mermaids where the concept of reality and fantasy are intertwined. They sink into unison with the iron prop that gives it a floaty feeling of water; the prop being stagnant and fixed and the energy around it being liquid, with each dancer bringing in her own personal journey and experience.

The piece is a whirlwind of the emotions and the layers that lie within each emotion. Brought to life with the quirky movement vocabulary that draws heavy inspiration from the prop, ‘navarasa’ (9 emotions in bharatanatyam) and most uniquely, the real experiences that the dancers have been through. This piece leaves you to think beyond the world of humans, and lures you into a journey of the mermaids.




Choreographer – Madhuri Upadhya
Genre – Theatrical
Music- Praveen D Rao
Costume- James Pereira
Property- Sridhar Murthy
Scale- 4-5