“We preserve what we create and creation arises from destruction, I dance to destroy my weakness, create my ardour and preserve my grace.”


This quote perfectly defines what dance means to her. For Seher, dance has been her release, her passion, and her strength. Dancing to her favourite songs, as a child, to demonstrating dance movements to her friends, to dancing at family gatherings is what helped her shed any inhibitions.

The winter of 2001, carved a new direction in her journey towards Dance, when she participated in a school event “Form Evening”, under the dance category. That was her first ever stage performance in Bharatanatyam, turning her “romance with dance into a full-fledged love affair”, as she quotes.
After her graduation, she continued training in Bharatanatyam under Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan & Guru Jyotsna Shourie. She has received training in Danceworx and Imperial Fernando Ballet Company as well.
She has also trained at Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore under their accomplished Diploma course.

Seher is inspired by artists like Rama Vaidyanathan, Pina Bausch, Sonya Tayeh, Jasmin Vardimon and Tao Ye (Artistic Director- Tao Dance Theatre) who she deeply resonates with.


Dance for Seher is an extension of her own self. Every time she hears music or a beat, she can only think of ways to dance to it. She believes that there is no end to learning, and it is this belief that has led her to Nritarutya, a place that she now thinks of as home. Seher has shown great equanimity, as she was the co-festival manager at Adhyaya, Nritarutya’s home production.

As an educator of dance, Seher’s intense training has only driven her to share this knowledge with the world.

A keen look at Seher will tell you immediately that she’s artsy as she designs her own tattoos, is always making intricate patterns in her book and bedazzling glass bottles.  A compassionate animal lover, she is always looking for helpless pups and kittens to rescue them.

Training and Workshops

  • Jazz- The Danceworx, New Delhi
  • Ballet- IFBC, New Delhi
  • Bharatanatyam- Guru Smt Rajalakshmi Kunhambu, Guru Smt Saroja Vaidyanathan, Guru Smt Jyotsna Shourie
  • Diploma in Movement Arts- Attakalari Centre for movement arts
  • Modern Dance workshop- Nathaniel Parchment
  • Flying Low workshop- Narendra Patil
  • Contemporary release technique workshop- Swathi Mohan
  • Hip Hop workshop- Shane Mendes
  • Modern & Ballet training- Cheryl Lynn Obal
  • Aerial Silk workshop- Luz Zoni
  • Theatre workshop- Md Pallavi
  • Contact Improvisation workshop- Abhilash Ningappa
  • Bharatanatyam training- Guru Smt Minal Prabhu, Guru Smt Radhika Ramanujan, Guru Sri Praveen Kumar
  • Pilates training- The Zone studio, Anjali Sareen
  • Yoga training- Amrutha Bindu Yoga
  • Silambam workshop
  • Ranga Kunitha workshop
  • Contemporary Dance training- Nakula Somana
  • Body Conditioning & Technique training at Nritarutya studio


Projects of Note

  • Dancer in Nritarutya’s artistic production, Prayog 4.
  • Make in India opening ceremony, Mumbai.
  • Closing ceremony of Pro Kabaddi League 2016 and Opening ceremony of Pro Kabbadi League 2017.
  • Opening ceremony of BRICS summit 2016.
  • Serendipity Arts Festival at Goa.
  • Adiyogi Festival at Isha Foundation.



Credits: Photographer- Shashank Ramesh | Costume Styling- Mayuri Upadhya and Ashwin Kumar | Makeup- Artistry by Vydurya Lokesh