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15 June


Next in the dancers’ diet series, principal dancer Vishwakiran Nambi speaks about the importance of vitamins. Vitamins! What are they? Vitamins are essential nutrients for the human body to live a healthy and strong life. Its a component of food intake most of which cannot be produced by the body. Vitamin deficiency leads to what?…

15 June

Strengthen your Knee

Masoom brings another blog in the Health series on how to strengthen your knee. 1.Stretch your IT Band: •Stand with your left foot crossed over your right. Lean your upper body as far as you can to the left without bending your knees. Repeat with your right foot crossed over your left, leaning your upper…

15 June

Choreography process

By Vishwa Kiran Wild flower is based on the concept of “Lookism”. Lookism is actually a term used to describe the phenomenon of how, societally, physically attractive people meet with positive reinforcements. For me, this translates into how eventually physical appearance becomes so vital that it negates everything else, this obsession is one of the…