Next in the dancers’ diet series, principal dancer Vishwakiran Nambi speaks about the importance of vitamins.

Vitamins! What are they?

Vitamins are essential nutrients for the human body to live a healthy and strong life. Its a component of food intake most of which cannot be produced by the body.

Vitamin deficiency leads to what?

Vitamin deficiency could be the cause for most of your health disorders. If a deficiency of a particular vitamin is noticed then a supplement needs to be consumed to gain balance.

How do you supply vitamins to your body?

The body cannot generate a lot of vitamins with the exception of D and K, hence it needs to be supplied to the body through food intake or through supplements like tonic or pills.

How many types of Vitamins are in existence?

Water soluble vitamins and Fat soluble vitamins.

Unlike fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins cannot be stored in the body, hence it needs to be consumed everyday. Some of the water soluble vitamins are eliminated during the course of preparing food or even during storage. Hence it is necessary not to store fresh produce in direct sunlight and not to waste the water which is used to boil vegetables.

Fat soluble vitamins include vitamin A, D, E and K. Absorbed fat soluble vitamins are stored in body fat and can be utilized when needed. Eating fats or oils that are not digested can cause shortages of fat-soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins should not be consumed in excess, which might its own negative effects. Like an excess of vitamin A may lead to weight loss, headache and diarrhea.

Vishwakiran Nambi

What role do the vitamins play?

Vitamins do not supply energy directly, but they do help in a lot of energy producing actions inside the body. The body’s metabolism is also dependent on vitamins as on carbohydrates, fats, minerals and other basic components of a complete diet. Some of their fundamental roles-

Vitamin A is referred to be a vitamin for growth and body repair. It is very vital in the formation of bone and tissues and also keeps your skin smooth. And if you are night blind, the cure is having more Vitamins A.

Vitamin B1 is an energy building vitamin which helps you to digest carbohydrates. It also keeps your heart and muscles stable.

Vitamin C is a very commonly pronounced vitamin world wide. This vitamin is very essential as it protects your bones, teeth and gums. Without its support collagen cannot be synthesized in the body.

Bones cannot grow in a normal way if there is a lack of vitamin D. Direct sunlight is a natural source of vitamins apart from vegetables. In adults, Osteoporosis is caused due to lack of Vitamin D.

Vitamin E is a wound treating vitamin. It is very much essential to prevent sterility and to break up blood clots. Damage of cells due to aging can be protected through supplement of this vitamin.

Vitamin B6 is necessary for production of antibodies

Vitamin B12 is required for carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Vitamin B2 and Folic Acid help in the formation of red blood cells.

To conclude Vitamins are the most important nutrient to include in your diet. Also remember that it needs to be part of the food and not food in itself, consume the required quantity. Also highlighting the fact that Vitamin deficiency is the cause for almost all varieties of diseases, so it is not a factor that can be neglected.

There are very few things that a dancer can neglect about his/her body and vitamin deficiency is definitely not one of them. Since the impact of vitamins ranges from skin clarity to bone health it naturally becomes a very important factor to keep in mind while preparing and consuming food. If you are very bad at choosing your food, just speak to a physician to prescribe essential vitamin supplements.

“Better strong than weary”.


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