AUDITION Components and essentials….

Components and essentials….
By- Madhuri Upadhya

Dance Auditions are a systematic process through which professionals select suitable artists who are required to give a sample performance. If you compare it to other industries it’s more or less like a job interview, only harder because your body cannot lie.

In the field of dance, there are different types of auditions conducted for varied purposes.

1. Projects
2. Recruitment-part/full time
3. Admission (educational-university/workshop/residency/certified courses etc.)

Usually the information will be carried on the website or audition listing of all communication medium. However, there are certain basic etiquette and requirement,common for all dance auditions. Going through these in advance will help you fare better :

1. Wear comfortable clothes.

2. Be early (reflects on your work approach and attitude).

3. Carry your profile and pictures.

4. Make sure you fill the form and leave your contact information.

5. Pay admission fee (if any).

6. Go prepared with a small routine (carry your own music) preferably the style you have trained and specialised in.

7. Be clear on your commitment levels, your schedule, abilities and capacities as an artist.

8. Do not attend an audition with an injury, or after a long break of years of immobility.

You will usually be taught a dance routine which you will have to absorb in a short span of time and reproduce.
Do not worry about getting it perfectly right, seasoned dance practioners watching you know what they are looking for.
Usually it’s your passion, sincerity and professionalism followed by skill, presentation, ability to grasp, your body’s capacity to adapt and your comfort level with anything new.
Typically, a day or two is taken to review an audition. So call back after three days to know the result.
Do not fret if you are not selected, attend our dance classes and come back for a second round of auditions.

In India, organisations and companies are looking at being a well structured sector for betterment of dance community. Many artists are stepping from hobby to being professionals. Just like other fields, training, research, technology, up gradation, documentation, etc exists in the field of dance also. Approach dance and auditions with the same vastness that it stands for today. It can be more meaningfully viewed as a process which continues to make dance possible.

Auditions are usually held on Saturdays at Nritarutya. If you want to book your audition slot call/mail


  • geetha ballal

    15th February 2012 at 11:08 am Reply

    Dancers can’t have it more clear on what to expect!
    Dancers must read this and pass on the information. 🙂

  • Ashwin Mohan

    19th February 2012 at 11:35 am Reply

    A must read for anyone going to a dance audition.

    I especially liked this “If you compare it to other industries it’s more or less like a job interview, only harder because your body cannot lie.”

  • Afsal

    19th February 2012 at 12:04 pm Reply

    This will be a great write up for my fellow dancers and those who really are interested in taking dance as their career.. Thank you Madhuri for you contribution for the same..

  • physio..koramangala

    19th February 2012 at 6:48 pm Reply

    8th point is of great importance.After a long term sedentary life style, no one should attempt sudden physical activity(dance in this case).Ignoring an injury is another big mistake which may lead to complications, so professional dancers should take even the smallest injuries seriously.

  • ankit nirmal

    30th April 2012 at 9:01 am Reply

    i m not a trained dancer and not having a certified course……so am i eligible to go for auditions?

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