Choreography Tips by Mavin Khoo

U.K based, internationally acclaimed, Ballet and Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer Mavin Khoo offers few words of advice on the art of choreography.


Mavin Khoo
Mavin Khoo


1. With choreography its important to understand it first from a compositional aspects; imagine a building…you have to lay a foundation first before you start decorating…so, being objective and building the work through structural blocks first is crucial.

2. Do not be afraid to take out things that you have choreographed. Imagine being a film maker…you will find that you will have a lot of material that you may end up not using….that’s ok! Only keep what is necessary to the work.

3. Don’t expect immediate result…the real depth of interpretation will only come after numerous performances (not just rehearsals). When you start a work, be open to committing to a long journey of exploration.

4. Technique comes with consistent practice and an intelligent working ethic. However, being an artist requires a generosity of self to lived experiences. Its the juxtaposition of ‘beyond mortal’ technique with an ‘inherently mortal’ soul that allows for transcendence.

5. Have depth; understand your context, the content and politics of what you do and who you are.

6. Don’t approach Dance with terms and conditions of your own: this limits the potential for you to truly live it…give yourself to Dance with courage, determination, perseverance and humility.


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