Corporate Mantra – exclusive workshops

We’ve often had many a corporate walk up to us and express awe at what
we do and wish that they could do the same, but yet tied to their
infinite deadlines…..

If the pressure at work gets better of you, your fitness regime
should definitely spell fun. And fun it is here with Nritarutya.

Nritarutya is spearheading a movement where dance is utilized as an
innovative tool in the field of human resource management.
So now one can indulge in the host of benefits from our well
researched creative movement workshops.Focusing on key areas,the workshops guide
one not only to a healthy, fit lifestyle but also develop further interpersonal
and intrapersonal skills.

Our workshops are equipped to any number of
participation. Large or small groups will have modules tailored
suiting each group’s needs.

For more details on the existing standard modules or your
queries to be answered please click on the following link: or
just write to us at


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