Dance at Opus!

Youth Wing dancer Shweta Hegde talks about her experience while rehearsing and performing for the showcase at Opus. Excerpts.



A collective euphoria enveloped the Youth wing when we came to know about our showcase  for one of the most happening venues of the city – Opus. We, the dancers were gearing up to present some stunning pieces in front of the audience. It wasn’t just a show for us, it was an opportunity to prove ourselves and to our tutors our capabilities as a dancer, as to how much we have grasped the training, as to how better we have become and to make them and ourselves proud. And so it was really challenging for us to give our best shot and gain all the attention and make the show a success.

Withe the constraints of time, it was a real challenge for Vishwa to choreograph, polish the dance sequences and present them piece as it was challenging for us dancers to learn, grasp and present the best and live up to his expectations. With almost everyday training and rehearsals with countless hours, we were prepared to set the stage on fire. The time constriants and the ample of material at hand to be absorbed, understood and presented helped us push ourselves out of our comfort zones. The rehearsals at the studio and the venue were challenging due to different stage dimensions at both the places. Plus a lack of proper green room space had us in nerves.

On March 29th, we presented Manmatha(choreographed by Madhuri Upadhya), Tha (choreographed by Sathya B G), Footnotes, Wildflower (both choreographed by Vishwakiran Nambi) and Periscope (choreographed by Nakula Somanna).  With all the dedication and sincerity with a pinch of nervousness we performed and turned the show into a huge success.

We had people coming at the backstage and congratulate us. What more could we have been expected from all and god to make us feel proud and worthy of all our hard work. 

It’s like a dream come true where we were given a stage to perform and owned the stage! But this is  just the beginning. We have a very long path to cover and reach our goals. 


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