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Since its inception in 2000, Nritarutya’s repertory has grown into a collection of the most creative dance inventions. Our performances have been designed with high standard of presentation and executed with our acclaimed team of professional dancers &  stage collaborators.

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Experience and participate in our visual illustrations from product launches, brand & logo revelations, exclusive concept acts, conference opening,press meets and more. You name it and we have novel means to turn it to reality. Dance rep [PPT] [nggallery id=29]
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One way [2003] :

Switzerland based 18/0 waterproof and Nritarutya explored diverse cultural, political and contextual habits amd impressions between the two countries through humour and dance interactions. The 60 minute process revealed how influences are perceived differently by the two and how the defined lines can start to fade. [nggallery id=19]

Prayog 2 [2004] :

Prayog, which means experiment, is Nritarutya’s branded home production. Featured once in every 3 years, Prayog 2  is the second edition of the series.  Every Prayog travels extensively both nationally and internationally, with dance inspirations from mythology to modern age themes and experiences. [nggallery id=6]

Trikon [2007] :

Produced for international “India now” festival in association with Seher, Trikon, the production featured the most exciting, acclaimed dance compositions from Nritarutya’s collection. At Trafalgar square, London, an audience of 10000 plus watched the imaginative, intuitive and bold artistic creations-of its Indian representative. [nggallery id=28]
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Prayog 3 :

Experiments with Contrast Balance and Force. Nritarutya’s vision for brand Prayog is a direction to produce short thematic visual works and it being a melting pot of diverse artistes. Prayog-3, had a range of artistic expression from the earthy to the most sublime. Reviews and pictures below. [nggallery id=11]

Maya Ayam :

Joint Dance Production between Chitraleka Dance Company, UK and Nritarutya, Maya Ayam is a stunning combination of dance artistry with evocative digital imagery, multimedia projection and spectacular lighting design. Credits/reviews/photos-album below. [nggallery id=21]
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Nritarutya has consistently strived to create opportunities for collaboration between artists from diverse genres. We have designed performances that include theatre, music bands, visual artists, fashion designers, poets, photographers, sculptors, and more. Here’s a quick look at some of our collaborative projects:

Raghu Dixit Project :

Elevating music and dance imagination further, Contemporary folk rock music band Raghu Dixit Project with Nritarutya released a visual version’ of  their award winning album track “Kidki”. Watch a taster of the mega production that is to follow. Video below.

New Art Exchange photographic exhibition, Nottingham :

For the first time world-renowned Magnum photographer Raghu Rai has exhibited in a public gallery in the UK, with the focus for this exhibition ‘Invocation to India’ being: street photography. His work proclaims the rich diversity of contemporary India, with its juxtapositions of ancient and modern, where the people are the landscape. Dancers Madhuri Upadhya and Geetha Ballal graced the galleries with their poetic movements during the launch. [nggallery id=22]

Art Bengaluru 2011 :

Rony Dutta’s photographic collection, exclusively shot for the exhibition, titled ‘Homage to Nritarutya – My photographic narratives of the dances’. The collection includes photographic vision & installation art of the dancing & the thematic costumes crafted by various designers. [nggallery id=23]

Birmingham International Raw energy Festival,2008 :

Commissioned by Sampad and Dance exchange, UK, in a month long session, Mayuri Upadhya worked with different youth groups from West Midlands, encompassing a broad range of dance styles and ideas to choreograph the finale with 75 dancers. She also conceptualised a bollywood capsule  of Asian Indian artists which featured in the festival. [nggallery id=24]

MTV Roadies:

Mayuri Upadhya with Raghu Ram of MTV fame, conceptualized a movement task for the contestants of ‘MTV Roadies’ 2008. Nritarutya performed,trained and judged the contestants on a fitness and dance round. Interestingly, that episode of Roadies has been rated as “ Asia’s most watched episode for the 2008 season. [nggallery id=25]

Graphic Dance Journal :

Extending visible dimensions of our contemporary work, Karthik and Shreya from our youth wing repertory, worked with Shreya Verma, NIFT graduate from Mumbai, in a Graphic dance novel project, traveling the psychology of the dance and the dancer in a unique pictoral narrative. [nggallery id=26]

Luxury Conference :

In January 2006, Nritarutya showcased its dance production, designed for three of globally reknowned fashion icons – Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Arora and Tarun Tahiliani – at the prestigious Luxury Conference held at the Gateway of India, Mumbai. [nggallery id=27]
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Experimental movement video exploring the essence of ‘Virahotkanthita Nayika’ of the Astanayikas. Concept and video direction: Madhuri Upadhya. She explains”The experimental video is an extension to my research on two dimensionality translating into movement expression. The use of mixed and multimedia is predominant in the rendition of the video. The pathos and pain of separation is explored through contemporary dance techniques, videos and medieval paintings of Ragamala and Bundi”. I intend the experiment to be a collaborative effort of the artistry of dancers, choreographer, projection specialist, video artist and art historian.
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All the world’s a stage…
It is only in art that a lifetime of sadhana exertion; toil can sometimes boil down to a minute’s worth of performance. How many countless hours of work went into Nijinsky’s gravity-defying leaps? How many years did it take for Padma Subramanyam to perfect her Karnas? It takes a lot of effort to make it look effortless!

In Nritarutya’s world too, dancers visualize, plan, exercise, train, focus, choreograph and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse – sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months or even years.

And all that work has gone into major performances at:

  1. World Performing Arts Festival-Lahore,Pakistan 2008
  2. SAMA Festival-New Castle,UK 2008
  3. Birmingham International Dance Festival 2008
  4. Prayog 3 2008
  5. Dharwad Utsav 2008
  6. The Soorya Festival(Trivandrum,kerala) 2007
  7. Hampi Utsava (Hampi, Karnataka) 2007
  8. Unity – A Relief Effort (Muscat) 2007
  9. ‘India Now’ – Trafalgar Square Festival (London) 2007
  10. Kalagodha Art Festival (Mumbai) 2006
  11. World Kannada Conference by AKKA (USA) 2006
  12. India Men’s Fashion Fair (Bangalore) 2006
  13. Mastakabhisheka Celebrations 2006
  14. Luxury Conference (Gateway of India) 2006 – A 35-dancer production for designers Tarun Tahiliani, Manish Arora, and Sabyasachi Mukerji
  15. National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad) 2005
  16. Asian Arts Mart (Singapore) 2005
  17. Yuva Dasara (Mysore) 2004
  18. Kala Nadam Arts Festival (Bangalore) 2004
  19. Ninasam Kalashibira (Heggoddu) 2004
  20. Prayog (Bangalore) 2004
  21. Khoj International Artist Festival (Bangalore) 2004
  22. Bangalore Biennial International Festival for Movement Arts 2004
  23. Lakme India Fashion Week (Mumbai) 2003 – Collaborated with two international designers and choreographed exclusive dance pieces
  24. Miss India Pageant (Mumbai) 2003 – Conceptualized a theme-based production
  25. One Way(Bangalore) 2003 – A collaborative production with 18/0 Water Proof – a Swiss dance company
  26. Tunga Mahotsav (Shimoga) 2003/2008
  27. Bangalore Habba 2003/2004
  28. Shankara Arts Festival (Bangalore) 2002
  29. Trans Indus Art Festival (Bangalore) 2002
  30. World Dance Day (Bangalore) 2002
  31. India International Coffee Festival (Bangalore) 2002
  32. The Other Festival (Chennai) 2002
  33. Prayog (Bangalore) 2002

This is by no means the exhaustive list – we didn’t want to burn up your scroll wheel. Contact if you want to know more.


This is by no means the exhaustive list – we didn’t want to burn up your scroll wheel. Contact if you want to know more.

We have also performed and worked with a number of corporate clients. Check here for details.


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