Emotions Galore!

Associate Director and Choreographer Madhuri Upadhya talks about her thoughts behind her choreography for Raghu Dixit’s “Rain Song”.

I began the new year with a new choreography for one of my favorite musicians Raghu Dixit. This time it was his “Rain Song”, the occasion being the launch of his second album “Jag Changa” at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender.

When I heard the song for the first time, it struck a chord somewhere deep within me. It tucked the heart’s string. The mood of the song was longing for a loved one. A search for THE ONE. A feeling that I could empathize with.

I knew it would be an all girls ensemble. How to interpret it without falling into the cliched lover pining for love was a challenge. I began with listening to the song in a continuous loop along with the dancers until the mood set in. Once that feeling of longing sunk in, we began with the exercise of asking questions about how each and everyone felt. And then interpreted in  movement. For me, this waiting of love was not just human but also spiritual. The heavy sitar and mridangam orchestration of the song inspired the Kathak based movements and footwork.

Photo Credit: Shreyas Aakarshan
Photo Credit: Shreyas Aakarshan

The costumes were kept in tandem with the colors inspired by rain and the blossoming of the parched earth waiting for the rain, the fabric chosen to accentuate the beauty of the movements. Mumbai based costume designer Bipin Tanna worked on it and helped elevate the dance experience to an ethereal level.

When the audience lapped up the performance with raining applause, I knew I’d achieved what I desired to.



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