In Conversation With…

In conversation with Guru Sri Kiran Subramanyam.

1. A secret mantra for confidence?
Work hard, believe in yourself & trust.

2. Best advice given to you?
My teacher used to say – Only 50% of what you practise will show up on stage. So make sure you give 200% when you practise.

3. The day you fell in love with dancing?
When I watched the film Sagara Sangamam.

4. Favourite place in the entire world?

5. Most embarrassing moment?
When a colleague of mine farted next to me on stage making me forget my movements! 🙂 🙂

6. A movie/book you would recommend (dance related)?
Sagara Sangamam, Abhinaya Darpana

7. Worst pick up line used on you?
Can’t really think of anything! 🙂

8. Funniest moment while taking a class?
While teaching a number on Krishna, my student spontaneously & confidently takes a Ganesha pose! So much for being in the moment!

9. Common phrase that you use in your rehearsals?
Get into the character! Learn Dance! Don’t just learn a dance item.

10. What is the weirdest compliment you have received?
You just dance like me!

11. Favourite unhealthy food item?
Cheese pakora

12. How do you see dance develop as a career option in India?
Dance is a great career option provided you have the passion, perseverance and patience, patience, AND patience!


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