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IN CONVERSATION WITH BBOY NAS of Black Ice Crew, bangalore

1. A secret mantra for confidence?
Well i wasn’t always confident, before becoming a dancer i was a pretty shy kid and never expected to get on stage, but i think all it takes is overcoming the things you think you cant do. After i got on stage for the first time my confidence started to grow.

2. best advice given to you
I think the best advice i have heard would be not to follow the boring system we call “Life”, the get a normal job work hard have kids and grow old thing never was on my agenda, i think that everyone has a dream that they bury deep inside their minds because its not part of the regular system. and i think everyone should give their dreams a shot, even if its just once. you have nothing to lose, but if you dont try you will forever wonder if your life could have been different.

3. the day you fell in love with dancing?
well it didnt happen in 1 day for sure, but i think 2007 was when i found my love for dance, with the help of family friends and my high school sweetheart i am where i am today.

4. favourite place in the entire world?
I have alot of favourite places in the world, i think Slovakia is on the top of my list because of my experience there at a hip hop Camp and the beauty of the place. But on the reals i think Home would always be my favourite place (Bangalore)

5. Most embarrassing moment?
I have had many of these moments, i really cant think of one that stands out.

6. A movie/book you would recommend (dance related)?
well you could watch “Beat street” which is a dope old school movie, also Planet Bboy the documentary is very inspiring. or You got served is also a pretty cool movie that i used to watch.

7. Worst pick up line used on you?
hahaha i have used a lot of bad pick up lines just because i think its fun, but no i don’t recall anyone actually using a pickup line on me. But i would love to hear some soon.

8. Funniest moment while taking a class?
well the usual funny moments at class is when kids try a move and end up farting, and the look on their faces is priceless. but it happens to everyone at some point, even me. That would actually count as one of my embarrassing moments now that i think about it.

9. Common phrase that you use in your rehearsals?
i really cant think of one sorry :p

10. What is the weirdest compliment you have received?
i think i have heard this at least twice, i was told that i would have been really pretty if i was born a girl. and apparently that was a compliment so i didn’t mind haha

11. Favourite unhealthy food item?
Big Juicy Beef Burgers!!! Thats my weakness. im on a quest to find the best burgers in the world.

12. How do you see dance develop as a career option in india?
Dance as a Career in India is actually not bad, India had a huge dance/cultural background so there are definitely a lot of amazing opportunities. You just have to have the right uncles to have that influence haha. That makes it easier.


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