Make In India – 2016 Inaugural Performance

Nritarutya performing for the Inaugural Ceremony of the Make In India Week held in the NSCI Stadium in Worli, Mumbai was one of the most prestigious accolades achieved by the company yet. In the presence of dignitaries from many countries and the chief guest Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Nritarutya’s spectrum of the Indian Cultures was spread across the vastness of the entire country.

With dancers coming in from various parts of the country such as Manipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and many more, the ceremony consisted of three sections, The Opening was quite the stellar sight which had the culmination of attires, costumes, dance styles and rituals from all across the country to give the beloved guests a feel of what really runs in the veins of this magnificent land.

A thematic section shed light on how India has progressed through the centuries and what we can expect to see in the future as India powers through fields of technology, research and information. With the introduction of body mapping as a beautiful window to unite dance and technology, there was so much more for the eye to grasp visually. A vision of what we might look in the future was portrayed elaborately conceptually and choreographically.

The Finale brought out all the grandeur and colossal display of everything that is the strength of one’s country, one’s patriotism and one’s belief especially more so after the ever-so-inspiring speech by Shri Narendra Modi.

With over 22 dance forms and 100+ dancers, another huge milestone was attained as the Inaugural ceremony of the Make In India week was a huge success and definitely one for the books.


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