Sunday mornings at Malleswaram

Our Malleswaram center tutor Shreeya Kishanpuria shares the content being taught at classes. Read on to know more…


It is supposed to be a day off. Yet we are there, week after week, to move and to dance. And every class brings with it new smiling faces amongst the old ones that surges in fresh energy into the studio space.

In the sessions, I try to let everyone explore their creative side. I give them tools that might help them channel their energies and let it manifest outside on their bodies. They all end up surprising themselves with what they come up with. And their joy is what keeps me going. They have never really experimented with their limbs, their torso, their feet, their fingers or their toes. And this session is a laboratory for them to do just that. Every BODY is giant paintbrush creating magnificent art in space momentarily with brilliant hues and texture; every piece so unique and so beautiful to see.


Malleswaram Class (2)



In terms of content, it is a language and a style exclusive to Nritarutya that the classes bring to the students – Contemporary movements set within Indian aesthetics and ideologies. One of the strong aspects of the language is the use of geometry that has its roots deep set in our culture and classical dance forms. The classes let students play and experiment with bodies’ lines and shapes. As explained by Vishwakiran recently (about the strong presence of lines and shapes in Nritarutya’s language), use of geometry in Indian arts can be seen everywhere and has inspired artists since ancient times  – like the Gopurams of the South Indian temples whose architecture is influenced and governed by geometrical lines and contours. Discussions, (such as this or ever so trivial), are held about the art form with the students to encourage them to question more, to be curious. Dancers with curiosity venture deep into exploration and discover newer corners and sides, which means there is a lot of talking and listening that takes place in class.


Malleswaram Class



Someone I call a teacher once told me that “there is no teaching… only collective learning.” We are all students of dance, of life. And it is with this belief that I enter the space and try to encourage an environment of learning, sharing, creating and dancing. I learn with them.


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