Mayuri Upadhya wins Competition of Choreography Plan

Mayuri Upadhya, Artistic director of Bangalore based Nritarutya-Indian Contemporary Dance Trust is one of the winners of the International Competition of Choreography Plan.



She won the Bronze Prize for India with Gold Prize going to Idit Herman [Israel] and Silver Prize to Martinus Miroto [Indonesia].The final presentation of the 5 finalists who were selected through the initial online screening [on 17th November] of 65 proposals from 30 different countries was held on 6th December.


Mayuri’s choreography plan was chosen to be one of the top five finalists.
Therefore, there was a presentation for the final evaluation by the Asian Dance Committee members in Seoul, Korea.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South.Korea provided all expenses for 5 participating applicants.Team of16 panel judges, were also the expert members and co-chairpersons of the Asian Dance Committee. After the presentation, Q&A session and they declared the winners with a ceremony of awarding prize.




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