Nritarutya at Capstone Theatre

We had a fantastic ending to our UK tour with our last performance for Milap at Capstone theatre, Liverpool.
Added to the adrenal was this lovely letter personally written by the Executive Director of Milap, Mr. Prashant Nayak.
We are grateful to his blessings and generous support.
Team Nritarutya!

“Dear Madhuri
I wanted to say simply how stunning, impressive and innovative your show was!

Each item was excellent in choreography as well as concept; for me the ones that additionally were unforgettable were Ardhnarishwara and the Kaleidoscope, plus ofcourse the vividly presented Ashtalakshmi.
SO much mediocre work is presented and gets kudos in the name of Contemporary work, that often I go to Contemporary shows with a pre-existing complex. But your show was flawless,, spontaneous and had brilliant dancing. I, like many others in the audience were touched by what you gave us; it was the context of creation for each piece that made it special and Mayuri’s presentations were wonderful and opened up the work to many who were there. The music was fantastic!

In my view you are perhaps the finest Contemporary Dance Ensemble I have seen in the past two decades and we HAVE to quickly find ways of bringing you back for a tour and supportive work”.
With Best Wishes & Warm Regards
Prashant Nayak

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  • Saipriya Gowda

    4th May 2018 at 4:29 pm Reply

    Respected madam,

    Myself Saipriya Gowda of age 16 is interested to take part in this occasion.As I am a professional kuchipudi dancer desiple of Guru Vyjayanthi Kathi and also contemporary and western dancer…

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