Nritarutya @ Kala Soudha

The Cultural Bangalore is much much more, and it grows everyday. A place like KH Kalasoudha’s a proof to the efforts of P D Sathish Chandra and Sihi kahi Chandru. With a dream and vision has KH Kalasoudha been restarted.dsc_0858

A 300 seater Space,it carries a very personal feel to it. This space is open to any kind of Performing arts, from Dance to Theater to musical concerts.

Satish’s Vision also looks up to each of the walls of the auditorium done with art work by several different Artist Groups on each of them.

It will also have a Cafeteria and space for Open theater, with Rehearsal space underneath the auditorium.

Technical end is handled by Arun Murthy, who’s popular with the dance folks for his light designing skills. Well constructed Green Rooms add to the comfort of Performers.



While Nritarutya was a part of the Inaugural,

It looks forward to much  collaboration with space and would like to reach its word out to the artists out there to go check the space out and make the best out of what has been brought back for them!

We also wish KH Kalasoudha a potful of luck and pretty days to come,

with more and more artists,

and several performances to be a part of this amazing space!


  • Vinay Poal

    20th January 2010 at 8:29 pm Reply

    My long awaited dream to see my seniors perform came true..,, even though i couldn’t watch the whole show (which is my bad luck), i loved it, it has very truly inspired me to work hard in my class nd 1 day preform for “NRITARUTYA”.. hope that day comes soon….
    as for d show, awesome awesome awesome….!!!!!

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