Science meets Dance!

Company dancer Latha Srinivasa talks about her experience working on the dance based on the evolution of the technology giant GE. Read on to know more…

Performing for GE was distinct from other corporate performances. We had to depict the journey of GE from their first move as a company till their current stature which was divided into 6 stages. The act started from portraying the great inventor Thomas Elva Edison’s experiment to invent bulb. What was very interesting in this act was the music and choreography. A music bit from Charlie Chaplin’s movie was used to get the feel of olden times and the choreography, to match the music’s mood, was comical. Comic is conventional in a theatre and very rarely so in a dance act.


The second stage is where the dancers were the equipments in an experimental laboratory like test tubes showing chain reactions, a big machine that is stuck, a clock so on. In continuation to the third stage the dancers announce the arrival of GE’s competitors and who later on merge with GE. Working with each other’s strength this way led to huge success of GE. The fourth was and fifth stage was to display different ventures of GE through a background projection. This was very challenging for the choreographer as she had to match the display of the projections with the dancer’s movements and poses.  This bit was rigorous as we had to come with lifts that conveys flourishment.  The sixth and the final stage was the grand finale celebrating the success and the long successful journey of GE. We depicted the different areas that GE at present has its reach viz aviation, medical equipments, automobiles, research etc.  This scene made the dancers put on their thinking caps as they had come up with movements or lifts complementing GE’s various endeavors. Also this act was very bright as we used pluck cards of GE logo lit with LED lights and finished the whole sequence with a bang.





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