Shoulder Muscle Injury Prevention

As dancers these are some important basic exercises that can help prevent shoulder injury. Strengthening the rotator cuff is imperative for any active performer. These muscles around the shoulder are extremely important for stabilizing the shoulder joint, which can ultimately assist in preventing shoulder injuries.

The rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles:
1. Infraspinatus
2. Supraspinatus
3. Subscapularis
4. Teres minor

All of these muscles give stability to the shoulder and each has a specific, unique attachment to the upper humerus, or arm. Each muscle works in conjunction with the others to provide the harmony of motion essential for maintaining the muscular stability of the shoulders and preventing injuries such as rotator cuff tendonitis or rotator cuff tears. These muscles work in union with the labrum to keep the shoulder in the best positions kinematically when working out or dancing.

Here are the exercises highly recommended for a that will assist you in strengthening your rotator cuff and potentially preventing injury:

1. Internal and External Rotation Dumbbell Curls.

2. Abduction Shoulder Dumbbell curls.

3. Forward Flexion Shoulder Raises/Forward Raises.

4. Pendulum Exercises: Circle & Reverse Circles.

5. Pendulum Exercises: Crosses.

The goal of these preventive shoulder exercises is to assist you in avoiding shoulder injuries and to elevate the level of your stage performance and safety prowess. So remember to go at your own pace, so that all exercises can be executed with quality form. This is essential to the health of your shoulder.


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