Student’s Speak

Sunil Warrier, our student at the Whitefield center, talks about his experience learning and dancing with us. Excerpts…

Sunil Warrier

“Nritarutya follows the traditional way of teaching. The initial training focuses on building up the body to dance which includes stamina building, developing control, balancing, body conditioning, flexibility, alignment aspects. The training period depends from person to person depending on the body adaptability quotient. This is what makes Nritarutya stand out as the trainers not only correct the syntactical aspect of the steps but also the thought process. I still remember during my 2nd or the 3rd class when I was being told that I should “Let go…” The steps and structures are corrected over a series of sessions to bring initial amount of perfection.

Classes are flexible to accommodate sudden personal plans. Also to add, the sessions are not very connected so if a session is missed for some reason, you don’t feel there is a lot to catch up. During each session a sequence is taught which goes as a home work as well. And Abhishek’s easy going nature and in depth knowledge on the subject only push us further to learn more.

I personally find Indian Contemporary to portray a lot of expression through abstraction. And Nritarutya has given me what I had been searching for…… It’s not only about dancing the steps; it’s also about feeling the expression!”


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