Nritarutya’s principal dancer, Vishwakiran, conducted 20 hours of Indian contemporary dance session at Christ University. Here’s what the students have to say about it….

1. Given the name of the institution the dance instructor was from, my expectations from these 20 hours of Contemporary Dance Training was quite high and it more than lived up to every bit of it. Our instructor, Vishwa Sir is an extremely knowledgeable and well trained dancer. His patience and knack for teaching made what seemed initially extremely difficult, not so hard after all! I personally gained a lot from these classes which were also extremely memorable.I hope that I get another opportunity to learn and train under Vishwa Sir.
Zoya Dutta

2. The whole experience was very helpful and interesting. I personally thank Prabin sir, Christ University and Vishwa sir for giving us this wonderful experience.
– Anjali P R

3. The contemporary dance classes held by Vishwa sir were highly informative in terms of teaching us the techniques of dance and has made me understand dance better. Athough I have learnt contemporary at Shiamak Davar’s institute of performing arts this was the first time I underwent formal training in the dance form. I really learnt a lot from these classes and hope that we get to do more of these sessions in the next semester.

Bhavana Gowri

4. Though we did not have enough sessions due to lack of time, hoping to have more of these sessions in the next semester aswell.Mr.Vishwa, from what I have inferred, is a very informed dancer. He is not only good at his dance but also has a lot of knowledge of what he is doing and what he has to do. Throughout the session he has been more of a friendly trainer than the usual systematised instructors.
– Preethi Anil Sondur

5. There are so many new things we experience ever day but only few out of them is what we keep with us and cherish. This was one such experience that can never be forgotten. It not only did give us a new dimension about dance but also brought us closer to our own self and body that our body is capable of so much more than what we think it can do. This experience actually gave us the space to break free from the rule based dancing and explore not only in terms of physical space and movement but so much more with our body. Not to forget to thank our very patient and encouraging teach without whose guidance and motivation we would not have been able to learn what all we know.
– Swekrithi Bhatnager

6. Vishwa Sir is a really amazing teacher because he takes time of to concentrate on everyone. He would point out if we made a mistake a also help us do the movement in the right manner. The fact that he gives special attention to each and every student is a major plus point. Even the theory that he took was very helpful. It was taught in a very simple manner and hence it was easy to comprehend. The fact that we were also taught the parts of the body we were using is also a good thing. It makes us an educated dancer rather than just a mere dancer.
– Varsha Venugopal

7. The experience was noteworthy and amazingly knowledgeable. As dancers the information we gained is very useful for our future performances and also for our health as it also includes the ways one could prevent getting seriously injured. We were taught really well and each technique was given enough time for us to pick up. Every bit of information was detailed and we were told about the origin and the reason for it as well with appreciable patience. I enjoyed the classes to large extent and am looking forward to them next semester as well.


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