Tips by Guru Kiran Subramanyam

Guru Sri Kiran Subramanyam offers pearls of wisdom for budding dancers.

Guru Sri Kiran Subramanyam

1) Keep your practice and performance separate and running parallel to each other. Let one not suffer due to excessive attention on the other.
2) Watch performances. See as many as possible, and not necessarily only your type of dancing. 50% of learning comes through watching.
3) Delve deeper into the subject of your field, despite the time and effort it may require. Don’t concentrate on just the superficial aspects.
4) Work exclusively on developing and maintaining your energy levels for your dancing.
5) Today’s dancer needs to equip himself/herself on aspects other than just their practice and performance. Equip yourself with a good portfolio, networking skills etc. Also learn aspects of sound and light management, organising skills and backstage management.
6) Enjoy your dance and make sure you carry humility and gratitude along with you.


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