Tips by Tripura Kashyap

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1. The idea of improvisation. Improvise! Search for movement. Do not hurry. Try the theme in ten different ways and choose the best. Experiment.

2. Choreography is a collaborative effort. Involve your dancers. Take movement material from dancers. This will enhance and improve the movt vocabulary

3. Learn different styles of dance. This will help improve your movement vocabulary. Again, experiment and innovate.

4. Try understanding at least the basics of other art disciplines like cinema, painting, music, etc. and imbibe the best of them

5. Attend performances. Not just the ones in your dance but others too. They are vital to your growth as a dancer.

Tripura Kashyap is a Choreographer and Movement therapist based in Delhi. Currently she is projects coordinator at Bhoomika Creative Dance Centre where she teaches, choreographs and performs with the group.


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