Tips from Guru Smt. Sandhya Kiran

Tips from Guru Smt. Sandhya Kiran

Sandhya Kiran

  1. This is particularly for classical dancers- Don’t go overboard on your costumes. Less is more – always. Mix and match colours and designs those are not too jarring to the eye. Use a combination of larger and smaller pieces of jewellery to create a complete picture.
  2. When you find a movement or a dance pattern/choreography particularly difficult- befriend it; love it instead of detesting it or working on it with a vengeance. The results will naturally and beautifully unfold in your body.
  3. Groom your inner self as much as you work on your physical body. Sit in silence, read, listen to soft soothing music- anything that will draw you within. Nurture your inner personality. When inner feeling accompanies your physical dance, the fruits of your performance will be truly magical.
  4. Observe at least half an hour of silence before your performance. Settle into the mood, focus. Declutter your mind. The effects will surprise you.
  5. Your personality reflects in your dance. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your dance is a mirror of what you are in real life. So it is not enough if you work on your dance alone, work on yourself too. Become a better human being, and your dance will touch the hearts of millions.


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