Tips by Santosh Nair

Santosh Nair, Artistic Director of Delhi based Sadhya shares words of wisdom on the art of Choreography.

Santosh Nair

• Choreography is similar to painting-the floor is your canvas & your dance vocabulary the brush with which you create.

• When I create a piece, I explore all possibilities of body being used as a language to convey the theme & emotions.

• Innovation in terms of use of space, design, props & lights always enhances the production.

• I am always conscience of watching my piece from the audience’s point of view.

• Movement & the concept that you are working on, should have a connect.

• Before the final product is created, the process becomes very important……understanding of the subject, discussion & analysis of different view points & interpretations, exploration of different ideas….all provide a very valuable insight. All of this enables the team involved to combine energies and proceed to give meaning to the visualization.


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