Youth Wing Show Case 2012-Partner opportunity

Youth Wing Show Case 2012

This September, Nritarutya’s Youth – wing dancers bring forth new, exciting, challenging choreographies redefining the contemporary dance scene in the city. The Youth wing show case enables the young dancers to step up and completely take charge. Not just the dancing, the youth wing handles the entire production under the guidance of vastly experienced seniors. The exposure that they gain is invaluable. The dancers are more than excited to rise to the expectations and prove their talent.
Wild Flower – Choreographed by Vishwakiran, Nritarutya’s Youth wing Director, “Wild Flower” is his take on a world in a state of constant pursue of a perfect self.
Intoxication – The joy of losing control, of that moment where the dancer and the dance become synonymous is depicted in this pure Nritta piece blending Bharatanatyam with the folk forms of Terukkutte and Kavadi choreographed by Sathya B G, Principal Choreographer.
Manmatha – Madhuri Upadhya, Choreographer, in her work “Manmatha” explores the Lord of Love while dealing with love lost, gained, experienced among the youth of the contemporary times.
From trying to perfect imperfection, to unfolding spiritual romance, to getting high on the feeling of Dance, the three pieces touch upon the elements and experiences that youth is about. The excitement is set to reach fever pitch. With the long hours of work and sweat put into this, this showcase promises to bring out the best!

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Vishwakiran: +91 98868 10367
Youth Wing Director .

About the Youth Wing of Nritarutya
An initiative taken by the company four years back to give young, exciting dancers an opportunity to pursue dance professionally, Nritarutya’s Youth wing dancers are selected through the scholarship programmes and the community classes, with no bar for background, qualification or profession.
The dancers are extensively trained to develop creativity, technique, individual styles and spirit. Their training schedule includes body conditioning, flexibility training, acrobatics yoga, movement anatomy, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, abhinaya, basic flight technique, speed and agility training and contemporary dance history.
The training sessions are conducted under the watchful eye of the instructors who are masters in their field. Rigorous training sessions give ample scope to the participants to learn and bring out the best in them.


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