Youth wing showcase-by Namitha


There is always something that you want to do and you have to do. And at one point, you choose one over the other.. obviously compromising on what you’ve always wanted to do having no strong reason, probably it was just more convenient to do so.
But what if you never have to choose! 🙂

Thanks to Nritarutya, I have never had to choose between anything. It has just helped me grow more passionate ’bout dance. Who said professional dancing is not for part timers?? All you need is interest and dedication and they take care of the rest. It really amazes me the kinda interest and effort the company takes in each one of the dancers they pick. They call it an investment . I would like to add the adverb ‘selfless’ to it.

Professionalism is embedded in everything done.When you are wrong, its communicated to you and when you have been good, that’s communicated to you as well and what remains unchanged is the sophistication.If you wanna fool around, this is not the place but on the other hand If you want to grow , they help you grow.


I have always been in awe for this company and now I am a part of it and its too good a feeling to express!!Its been almost two years of association with them now and I cherish every session and every show.

We,I mean the youth wing of NR are having our showcase this Friday and am super kicked bout it..!!Not that we haven’t performed earlier but this is OUR showcase .. or you can call it as the ‘ranga pravesham’ of the youth wing of nritarutya 🙂 And hopefully, its gonna be the most happening show ever !!!!


  • Ashwin

    27th May 2010 at 11:35 am Reply

    good luck boys and girls. looking forward to this

  • Smitha

    28th May 2010 at 10:41 am Reply

    Awesome guys! All the best

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