Ardhanarishwara: A concept by Mayuri Upadhya

Ardhanarishwara a concept by Mayuri Upadhya

One of Nritarutya’s best pieces as it has the supreme combination of visual appeal and provokes immense thought in the viewers mind. This visually stunning masterpiece created by Mayuri Upadhya as a part of Prayog-2, is an amalgamation of the male and female energies in the form of Shiva and Shakti brought out quite the spectacle.

A vertical bifurcation is an interesting concept but in this piece a horizontal bifurcation is witnessed which creates all the more curiosity along with a parallel drawn to the lives of eunuchs. It is believed that every human possesses these two energies and the deity is a representation of this intrinsic androgyny. The choreography takes place behind two huge pillars through which various movements are seen to look like two symmetrical halves- upper and lower, sharing the same energy. It is said that Uma and Mahesh are one but their energies can be distinguished and the same is explored in the piece with striking visuals of symmetry, complementing of the lower and upper half of the body and stunning shapes creating the effect of god like androgyny. With the roots of Indian Classical forms playing a major role in the geometry of the piece, the mudras and hastas are a representation of the dancing lord and his wife.

This piece started originally with 2 members of the company and 4 as a part of Prayog. It has widely appreciated and has received much accolade due to the complexity and its composition.


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