Chaine Vs Chakkar


A turning movement in which the dancer executes a half turn on each foot. Sharp spotting is required to perform proper chaine turns. Used in Jazz, Modern and Contemporary.


A turning movement along the axis of the spine which is done on the heels with one foot lifted off. Spotting is required to execute a chakkar. Used extensively in Kathak and other Indian forms otherwise.

Tips To Improve Chaine/Chakkar.


Engage your core muscles to maintain good alignment during the turn.


Every turn is a balance, so practice balancing the position in which you want to turn (In Motion, physical movement)


Spot and keep your eyes off the floor (or that’s where you’ll end up).


Use only enough push to get around – sometimes a dance student’s biggest downfall in chaine/chakkar is pushing so hard that they throw the turn off.


“Connect” your arms to your back – you should feel and imagine width across the back and shoulder blades and the arms should maintain their position (don’t “wind-up” for a turn).

And Finally, Visualize yourself doing a beautiful, clean chaine/chakkar.



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