Ashwin’s Journey

It was Madhuri who saw me dance at one of the college fests in Bangalore, and at that point I had no idea of who she was or what Nritarutya was either. The next thing I knew, I was auditioning for one of the best dance companies of India. They seemed to accept and like the way I moved and that is when it all began, my journey as a dancer.

I was still working at KPMG when this audition happened and alongside did my first few shows with the company. All I knew was that I loved dancing and I loved every bit of what was coming my way.

One fine day I was offered a full time dance job at the company, Of course I said yes! I followed my hearts calling and I knew it was the place for me. I quit my job at KPMG to dance. This was a huge move; my parents were not supportive of me doing this. People would kill to work for the company that I was and I was going to quit.

After this, I knew there was no looking back. I started training with the company, and began to realize what it really means to be a dancer.

It has been a fantastic, inspiring and soulful journey so far and the learning continues every single day as I step into the studio.

These few years of experience have taught me one thing that you receive you must also deliver and so every single bit of knowledge that I can impart, I give to my students who I take class for every Saturday at the Jayanagar studio. This is the only way the language of dance will expand to wider horizons. I don’t know what it was that really made me push myself, but I knew I wanted to get better and be different. And that is what makes me try harder every single day. I now head the costume department for Nritarutya and so far it has been an immense success, with all the different designs I create for the company, for this one has to have a progressive mind, and that too I wouldn’t have had without Nritarutya.


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