Instructor of the Jayanagar Kids batch, Seher Noor Mehra shares her methodology of inducing creativity through vivid imagery and prompt reaction to different situations.

A certain sense of creativity is observed when they’re put through a situation.” Says Seher, “I ask them to imagine a jungle and be the branches of a tree while asking other kids to fill in the spaces that the branches may leave, in a dynamic sense I would ask them to move around the branch in a manner which they see fit” she adds. “It teaches them concepts like accommodation, material creation and understanding bodies.” She concludes.  She also begins to ask them to move around the space as if they are walking around a jungle, what would they do if they come across a stream? Or a scary animal?

A particular movement is then picked up from each child, which seher then connects to create one sequence finally culminating in a choreography of  their own.


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