In conversation with Minal Prabhu



1. A secret mantra for confidence?
To know yourself and the subject that you deal with. To love your profession. To be able to honestly accept your mistakes and move on.

2. best advice given to you?
To work hard and keep at it! There are no short cuts in life.

3. the day you fell in love with dancing
Recognising my talent my father started me off on dance and music classes from the age of four onwards. At age eight, I was sent to Kalakshetra and honestly I’m not sure if I loved dance or music however, the ten years stint in Kalakshetra honed my dancing skills and supported my music knowledge too. I discovered a genuine love for the art form when I started teaching followed by choreography . This led me to push boundaries as I discovered the limitless possibilities offered by the dance form.

4. favourite place in the entire world?
Where else but my dance class with my students!

5. Most embarrassing moment?
I’d rather not share it and embarrass myself further.

6. A movie/book you would recommend (dance related)?
The Gita- Govind is my all time favourite.

7. Worst pick up line used on you?
There have been no pick up lines! But I allowed my husband to ‘pick me” as his wife and vice-versa.

8. Funniest moment while taking a class?
Funniest moments in class? My students may be more equipped to answer it! I make light of stressful situations in class to make it easy for both the students and myself.

9. Common phrase that you use in your rehearsals?
I threaten to slap/ kick the butt of my most trying students . I have never done it but the threat works!

10. What is the weirdest compliment you have received?
Weirdest compliment? Compliments are always graciously accepted.

11. Favourite unhealthy food item?
Spicy food and chillie pakodas!

12. How do you see dance develop as a career option in india?
Opportunities to make dance a career has grown immensely in India over the last decade or so. During our time it was the passion for the dance that propelled us, opportunities were few. Today the dancers have so many festivals , corporate shows, they free lance and also have an opportunity to be part of a company ! It is a good time for dancers. What we need now especially are dance coordinators.


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