Fitness for all

The self needs your time, take some time out for yourself, take care of yourself. Rise in love with yourself! They say that one who does not love oneself can never love anyone else.

I ‘m into the 36th year of my life as a dancer & choreographer, keeping my body fit just does not come by dancing alone. Exercise, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and most importantly a disciplined life is required to be followed in order to look and feel young.                                      sathya013

Here are some tips that might help:

▪ Sugar is directly related to aging skin. Keep away from Whites-sugar/white bread/rice and keep your skin looking young.

▪ It’s advisable to exercise the abdominal muscles after 30 minutes of workout: In the first 30 minutes the existing glucose from the body is used and once the reserve is over it draws on the body fat. Hence the abdominal muscles need to be exercised after this period of time.

▪ Women have to work out longer than men to lose the same amount of weight, as women have more mass per kilogram than men.

▪ Crash diets are unhealthy. It washes out the vitamins in the body. Dieting works wonders only with regular exercises.

▪ The knee cannot be strengthened alone, the muscles supporting the knee – i.e. the thigh muscles and the calf muscles must be strengthened too. This would reduce knee injuries, pain,fluid collection and such other related issues.

▪ Gastronomic Remedies: Aerated drinks, fried, spicy food must be avoided at any cost. Drink cold milk or ice water slowly or have an apple when acidity is on the rise, it will comfort you. It is advisable to distribute your meals through the day, eat every 2 hours, do not skip meals. Avoid citric fruits like orange, sweet lime, mango, etc.

Give Change a chance
• Take the steps instead of the elevator
• Park your vehicle far away from your office and take a walk
• Try running on the beach bare feet
• Play cricket on weekends or any out door sport you love to play.
• Have a swim.
• Play music in your room and goo mad jumping – Remember the R.E.M video.
• Run in the rain, play football in the rain.
• Pump water from the bore-well.
• Make it a rule to cycle once a week instead of your regular automobile; you can make a difference to the environment too 🙂


  • Ipsa Mohanty

    26th May 2009 at 11:53 pm Reply


    I always thought citrus fruits were good for the body. What’s the explanation ?

    • Mayuri

      27th May 2009 at 2:57 am Reply

      Citrus fruits are not good for acidic conditions esp on an empty stomach

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