Education project with SPJ Sadhana School

For every human being there is at least one amazing, unforgettable life transforming moment. I recognized it, cherished it.

What was it???


Teaching dance to differently abled children of SPJ Sadhana School, Mumbai … .leading to the presentation of the same at NCPA. This was a special event, undoubtedly, aimed at creating greater awareness, for the cause of differently abled.

SPJ, this special school deals with challenges as a condition rather than a disorder. This 34-yr. old institution has an understanding of effective methods of handling the fragile behaviors’ of mentally challenged children and most importantly make them self reliant in our society.

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In education, a teacher is a person who educates others. Hmmmm….In my latest episode…. I’d say”, I don’t know who learnt more???

Teaching dance to kids is quite a task. In simple words I’d describe it as unexplainable, unpredictable n complicated. So after several attempts at explicating the inexplicable, predicting the unpredictable and simplifying ….I achieved what I’d set out to do. Get a happy, approving smile from my new found friends.


I wanted to relive it; every bit was worth it! For most dancers’ choreographers’ ….If you get an opportunity like this today- just grab it. It may never come back.


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