In conversation with Nakula Somana

Few not-so-known things about Bangalore’s favorite dancer, Nakula Somana


1. A secret mantra for confidence?
Deep and regular Breathing

2. best advice given to you
The words find out! 

3. The day you fell in love with dancing?
When i fell for its flight to different spaces. I was a child back then, don’t remember..
fell many times.

4. Favorite place in the entire world?

5. Most embarrassing moment?
when i say something and no one is with me on that. 

6. A movie/book you would recommend (dance related)?
Burroughs book on Choreography. There’s a ‘movie of this working class kid, English, who learns Ballet, but i can’t recall the name.

7. Worst pick up line used on you?
Are you going my way? Do I know you?

8. Funniest moment while taking a class?
People loosing their clothing!

9. Common phrase that you use in your rehearsals?
“Do that again please?”

10. What is the weirdest compliment you have received?
That I am good at what I do; I should take it up professionally! 

11. Favorite unhealthy food item?

12. How do you see dance develop as a career option in India?
Maybe for the few who are successful, yes.. Lots of people struggle too.


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