Whatever happened to being lazy…….

Whatever happened to being lazy…….


I was passing through a small town on the way to participate in a theatre festival, I asked a group of men sitting on a “Somari Katte” (as we popularly call it in kannada), for directions, I thought to myself, whatever happened to just be, be lazy? I used to be lazy all the time, now I feel guilty if I don’t do anything. Lie down even when you are not sleepy, eat what you want, visit friends and family even when there is no occasion, have sweets, have a drink and watch movies on weekdays, bunk office, didn’t know the meaning of deadlines, always wake up with a smile, have a lot of empty space in the head!! Now even washing my hair has to be scheduled, come on, this is no way to live!!! When I watch my pet dog all he does is wag his tail when anyone arrives, gets petted, eats when he wants to and sleep anywhere. Basics of life-love, food, rest, touch, recreation. Have we got everything mixed up???? Life was simple for me…

I remember the times I used to visit my granny’s house in Hunsur with my sister and all my cousins during vacations. It was one hell of a party. Wake-up in the morning late, have yummy breakfast, start playing-what creative games we had!!! London, Crocodile, Hopscotch, sometimes we used to act out how a family is attacked by a thief and defends itself, I used to always be the daughter. Snooze in the afternoon, have yum dosas in the evening from my grandfather’s hotel, go to the river or park in the evening, play some more and enjoy life. Our favourite time was one my elder brother used to tell stories to all of us wide-eyed brats and I always enjoyed it with a pickle in my hand.

I have always been the “Queen of lazy times”.Here are 10 things I like about my life, share some of yours with me…

1. Watch the window of Prasiddhi Silks every morning I go to
work, they always have a new, beautiful sari displayed.
2. Take off my earrings after a hard day’s work, I imagine I am
in a movie while doing this.
3. Watch Bold and the Beautiful, according to my friend I am
their only viewer.
4. Discuss relative’s gossip with family especially with my
mom and uncle
5. Have beer with hubby on weekends and discuss business
6. Jog in Lalbagh on Saturday mornings around the lake-makes
me forget everything.
7. Read Asterix comics, I have my own collection and never
get bored of reading them.
8. Catch a late flight after a good show the previous night, feels
like you have earned your rest!!
9. Play spider solitaire, on my laptop, good way to stop my
mind chattering.
10. Have a good time with friends in Nritarutya, imitate and
make fun of each other, argue, discuss, crack jokes and
discover new about each other every single day……


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